Date: 1.4.2013


It is the inquiry of genetics and the breeding of animals, which interests me the most; primarily due to the fact that my sister and I breed bunnies as a long-term hobby. Therefore, it was already destined for me to choose a topic, which satisfies my love and concern towards the breeding of animals.

During the spring break, I had the ability to think about what area of breeding I would like to focus on and how my finished product would roughly be visualized. I was soon able to minimize this wide topic to genetics and lastly, I chose to research and incorporate my personal project towards color genetics. This is mainly due to bunny’s having a wide range of multiple color genes and factors, making this topic a very interesting one for my benefit. To support this idea, I researched a minimized amount about my topic only to see that there is a wide range of books and websites, which make this topic easy to follow.

Today, I also roughly planned out how I will lay out my personal project throughout the two years:

1)   Decide upon a topic and harshly apprehend how the final product will be created an what it will be (this will be done during the spring break)

2)   Start the process journal including distinctive areas of what has been learned, inquired upon and come up with (this will be done during the spring break)

3)   Look at research aspects (primarily done and focused on during the summer break)

4)   While researching, start creating the finished product

5)   Always communicate with advisor about aspects of the personal project which are not understood


The final product written will be a book, which will include the overall aspects of the genetics and specify upon the color genetics of rabbits.

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